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After more information about the benefits of merino wool? Let’s start with the sheep.

Merino sheep are hardy tikes that enjoy spending their time in some pretty harsh conditions. You’ll find them in the high country of rural New Zealand and on stations in the rugged outback of Australia. Their wool is their defence against these tough conditions, taking whatever mother nature throws at them. Anyway, because of all of this, merino wool makes for a pretty incredible fibre to make clothing from. It is the ultimate fibre and works hard to live up to this reputation.

There is no better option than merino for the smallest members of your flock. It’s going to protect their precious new skin and support them while they adjust to life on the outside. By layering them in merino, superfine and lightweight, you’re going to create what we like to call the ultimate cocoon. Becoming a new parent is hard enough without worrying about whether they are too warm or too cold. Let merino take the guess work out, while you get on with the rest – your midwife would agree.

No, it doesn’t just stop with babies.

Calling toddlers, tweens and teenagers alike! Merino pajamas, no matter the time of the year (yes, you read that right) are going to support them to maintain a stable core temperature. By reducing temperature fluctuations, you’ll be putting less stress on their bodies, meaning they can get the rest they need during the night. Especially perfect for summer when the nights start hot but can end up a bit nippy. Beach fanatic? When the wind is whipping round, a merino singlet underneath your child’s rashie is going to take the chill out meaning they can stay out that bit longer, doing what they love!

And for ewe, yes ewe! Keen on a bit of the outdoors? Fishing or hunting? Pounding the pavement or tramping perhaps? Merino has you covered too! With the ability to absorb 35% of its own weight in moisture before it feels damp, merino is the obvious choice for people on the move. You’re not going to feel clammy and you’re not going to overheat. While you’re stalking the next catch, making your way to the summit or walking Neville around the park, merino is going keep you YOUR perfect temperature. You won’t need to be peeling back a million layers or filling prime real estate in your pack with plastic.

Need another perk? Well we’ve got it for you! Merino wool is UV resistant. Yup, you read that right too. Just like it protects our woolly friends, wearing a lightweight merino while outdoors is going to stop you from getting sunburnt. Let the merino take the brunt so you don’t get weathered!

Worried about sweating? Merino is not going smell, in fact the fibre is odour-resistant. Hanging it out to air at the end of the day is all it needs and you’ll be good to go the next day. Perfect for travelling as you’re not going to need to pack as much and bloody great news for the washing pile.

Choose merino.

Choose New Zealand made.

Choose Zee Zee Merino.

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Merino wool is generally more comfortable fo wearers, it offers superior odour control, and is naturally moisture wicking. It is also renewable fibre whereas synthetic fibres and clothing products are a by-product of oil.

All of Zee Zee’s clothing is ethically made in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand from sustainably sought 100% merino fabric.

The cotton used in our Lola & Ben baby sleeping bags is GOTS certified.

Machine-wash on gentle cycle in warm or cool water (avoid hot water as heat may shrink wool). Use mild soap, no bleach or fabric softener. Line dry in the shade and use a cool iron to press if needed.

If you’re storing your merino for a long period of time, ensure it is dry and stored in an airtight container if possible. Storing merino in an airtight container or plastic storage bag will keep them safe from moths (who love merino just as much as we do!).

No! Merino fibres are much finer than standard wool fibres, meaning they are more flexible and bend when pressed against the skin. This is what makes merino wool soft, comfortable and ultra-lightweight to wear. 

Merino is fantastic for allergy sufferers or for people with excema, it won’t irritate sensitive skin!

The merino wool fibre has anti microbial properties meaning it will repel odours (within in reason), reducing the need for constant washing. Simply line dry to freshen up!

Orders valued $50 and over will require a signature for courier delivery. This is to minimise the potential for loss. Zee Zee Merino offers an overnight delivery service if orders are placed before 2pm the day prior. Orders place on a Saturday or Sunday will be shipped the next Monday.

We have a flat shipping rate of $10 for urban and rural NZ delivery. For orders over $200, shipping is free in NZ! International shipping is available, NZD$30 to Australia and the rest of the world.

We are experiencing significant delays of up to 6 weeks on orders to Australia. Please get in touch if you would like a more precise estimate.

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